Created by Krystle@IMVU for Club Bubblegum Inc.

Cut-out panty in a ZIP file complete with; 21 Panty textures in PNG format, opacity maps, product ad, derive info, Fully layered XCF file available for purchase as well.

Nothing in this shop is a mass file, once a file is sold out and/or outdated it will be retired from my shop. Pay according to what you want please state it in a message.

x1 Base Price = PNG Edition (catalog only) 
x2 Base Price = All above + XCF or PSD ( catalog only) **format will be noted in detail section 
x3 Base Price = CBI Standard Re-sell | all above + rights to re-sell and/or freebie merchandise according to CBI re-sell rules 
x10 Base Price = All above + rights to offer re-sell + no need to credit CBI + no need to follow CBI re-sell rules

💎 Party Panties

  • This file was created by Krystlex for CBI
    Please do not use this file or any of it's contents improperly.
    Selling and redistributing this file is prohibited without proper commercial rights.
    I have the rights to refuse and revoke usage of this file and it's content at any time for any reason. 
    To avoid a DMCA take down make sure all CBI rules are followed you can find them in "Club Bubblegum AP" in the "Rules" thread.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents ~~~~~~~~~~

    1. Introduction
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Instructions
    4. Commercial Rights and Layered Format Policy
    5. Banners and Support Devices
    6. Contact Information.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Instructions ~~~~~~~~~~

    All of my folders are pre-organized, making it easy to find everything you should need to your merchandize from the folder to your catalog in less than 20 mins.

    1. Open Create Mode
    2. Select "Derive New Product"
    3. Type in the mesh you would like to use ( there is one provided in the folder on the pink note card, this one will work best)
    4. Add the Texture and Opacity Maps where they belong.
    5. Mine are pre-labled for easy access
    First you will see the "Material Number" (where the file belongs)
    Second tells you what the file is (such as a dress, shorts, pants, etc.)
    Third lets you know if it is an Opacity Map or Texture
    Fouth and last is the "Color Number" (1= Candy bunny 3=Lush) etc.
    6. Hit "Apply Changes" and save.
    7. You may edit these as much as you like.

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Commercial Rights and Layered Format Policy ~~~~~~~~~~

    1. If you would like to Purchase the layered version of this file please go to "" 
    2. The Price for layered is Twice the original price (If you already own the file you may upgrade and only pay the difference)
    3. If you buy the layered format you may only use it for imvu catalog purposes only, all other use is prohibited.
    4. If you would like Commercial Rights a.k.a. Re-sale rights it will cost you 3 times the original price. (If you already own the file or it's layered version you may upgrade and only pay the difference.)
    5. With Commerical Rights you must give CBI credit for the file in EVERYPLACE you sell it by using the CBI logo (will be provided.)
    6. You may not give your customers commercial rights to the file or any of it's contents.
    7. You may not sell this file in ****layered format PNG ONLY!! 
    **** The only way you can sell in layered format is with direct permission from Krystle (will be in written format)
    **** You have to provide both Layered and PNG format. PNG format must be half the cost
    **** Even with permission you may only sell Layered format in places that "REQUIRE IT" (such as file sales forum)

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Banners and Support Devices ~~~~~~~~~~

    Club Bubblegum Inc Banner (Mandatory)
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img scr="" border="0"></a>

    Krystlex Catalog Banner (Optional)
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Information ~~~~~~~~~~

    Any questions or problems please contact me:

    Web 1:
    Web 2:

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