CBI Jewelry Packaging

Updated: Mar 31

The design is reversible, the main side features the traditional CBI verticle pinstripes with a beam of highlight at the top. The "Club Bubblegum Inc." Logo in chrominium is featured at the top on both sides and the company website at the bottom. "Jewelry" is printed above the website on the front side only making it versitile.

This was designed and created by Krystle' Flores for CBI in 2019

"I wanted to keep everything very traditional to CBI, from the colors to the font and design elements. I feel this is easily identifible as a CBI product the moment it is seen, adding further value to CBI's brand identity." - Krystle' Flores

It was ptinted @zooprinting. The card it's self is the size of a tradional buisness card 2" x 3.5" 16pts semi uv gloss on the front side and matte on the other. These cards service as both a holder for the jewelry and business card.

"I love these, I think they are excellent in size and how they complement the brand and the products they advertise. I do plan to make more designs in the future based on my own taste and some feedback from fellow CBI supporters whom happen to own mechandise packaged with these adorble darlings." - Krystle' Flores

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