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This is the social part of "Club Bubblegum Inc.", currently in beta mode. All members of CBI will have the opportunity to participate in the forums and share their wonderful experiences(s) with fellow members. New features are in the works so stay tuned. 

Do you have questions, suggestions, ideas, feedback, reviews, samples, or just want public opinion on what you should buy next? If so you can do it all and find the answers you seek in the forum section. Currently open to all for most any topic!! Let's try to keep it relevant and goal achieving.

Need a place for a grouping of people to join for a common cause or belonging....? Groups are the perfect outlet. Join mine today for being an awesome bubblebat and stay in touch with my fan only content.

Want a dynamic vessel to be seen? Of course we all DO!! Consider  the Blog as an option you can add images and links to everything you post. Show off your look book, Scrapbook, and inspirational boards. Get creative and have fun interacting with new people by reading and following their blogs or sharing them to social media.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.