Club Bubblegum Inc. is an online business center, social community, and fabrication specialist that offers: CBD, crafting, digital content services, events, giveaways, graphic design, networking, print-on-demand services, reviews, shopping, social media, tutorials, etc... Feel free to browse and explore; see if CBI is the right fit. Hope you enjoy and decide to become a member.

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Hey All,


I'm Krystle and here is your official Welcome to Club Bubblegum Inc....

I hope you find what you are looking for in my wonderfully bubbly world. If you can stomach the bubblegothic kawaii overcast (part of my personal brand identity), you will notice that my site offers vast goods and services for those in need of fabrication and business solutions. We can create and build most anything digital and physical at a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere...


Did I mention that we make it easy?  Yeah that's right if you have and idea or plan we can help you make it a reality. All you need to ask yourself is:  How much money and time do I have at this very moment to invest into to this? Answer that truthfully and we can handle the rest from there. We create innovative technology and work with industry leaders to make everything as user-friendly and simple as possible. 


No money, no problem! Time is good as money if you wanna learn and you have the patience and will My Bubble is open to you. My Bubble is our business center and social media platform. We are a fun passionate bunch yet we take our work serious. I built my network carefully filling it with wonderful supporters, sponsors, affiliates, colleges, competitors, tutorials, knowledge, and experiences. I prize it dearly so sharing it with you is not something to take for granted. Use it to your advantage, once you start to generate some kind of revenue you will have a better idea of where it best be applied.


No time, no problem. Money can be a blessing and can make things happen at the pace of a hummingbirds heartbeat. Having money is great, but having money with no direction and no time to dedicate to monitoring how it is spent can be just as bad if not worse than having a $o.oo budget. I personally hate wasted time and more so wasted money. I will help you eliminate as many third party people and technology that you don't need. I refuse to sell or perform unnecessary services. For my clients who have the capital to make their dreams come true, CBI will give you 2 hours of free consultation and draft out your business plan or product. We only sell you what you want and nothing more even if we are not the best place to solve your problems we will refer you to them. We are awesome however we can't be the best at everything. The least we can do is guide you in the right direction.